Max Makes Munch now on Yummly

What is Yummly?

If you're not already familiar with Yummly, now may be the time to take a look. Yummly is a website and app that allows you to save all your favourite recipes in one place. There are over 2 million recipes available to search through. It will also recommend other recipes to you based on the ones you've already saved. You can easily use their meal planner to work out what recipes you'll be cooking next and organise a shopping list of all the ingredients. And the best part, you can now find Max Makes Munch recipes on their platform too!

Saving recipes with the Yum button

It's easy to setup an account. Just navigate to their website or download the app and follow the simple instructions. Once logged in, you can either search for recipes on the platform and click Yum to save them, or you can click on the new Yum button directly on this website to save recipes to your Yummly collection.